HC Detox Kit


HC Detox Kit includes our Colon cleanse, Probiotics, Cayenne Tincture and our newly created Liver/Gallbladder Tea. These are paired together simply because they are more effective as an Herbal Therapeutic when used together instead of separately.  The colon cleanse is used to flush the body of toxic build-up by removing leftover wastes and bacteria in the colon. While cleansing the colon you may lose some healthy bacteria so, our probiotics is used to restore the friendly bacteria in our gut. It is important part and key to maintain and restore healthy intestinal tract while you are cleansing and detoxing. Adding 5 to 10 drops of our cayenne tincture to a glass of water every day is an additional therapeutic action by equalizing and restoring the balance of circulation throughout the body. Finally our Liver and Gallbladder tea is designed to clean and detox the liver everything ingested passes through the liver via the bloodstream and cleansing the colon allows the blood that comes to liver to be toxin-free. Many toxic substances end up being stored in the liver because it is designed to remove natural toxins from the blood and furthermore gallstones are actually formed in the liver and is a major reason people become ill with chronic conditions. This tea is designed as liver tonic to restore the liver and gallbladder functions and increase overall vitality of the body.  Enjoy 2-4 cups daily or as directed

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