Cayenne Tincture


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Our Cayenne tincture is a powerful supportive aid. Made with dried Organic Habanero peppers, and Cayenne peppers with 50% Grain Alcohol. Just 1 to 2 dropperful in a full glass of water. Cayenne is powerful and is a pure stimulant, having no narcotic effect increasing the power of the pulse and carrying the blood to all parts of the body.

Cayenne is known as the plant that bites back. Cayenne is called a “catalyst” herb that increases the efficacy of almost every herb or herbal combination. Cayenne is a pepper that will warm and improve circulation to all parts of the body easing the pain of arthritis, muscle spasms, stiff joints and relief nausea. It is also believed to regulate heart and blood pressure and even improve athletic performance. Cayenne provides natural heat the ingredient “capsaicin” is a strong pain relieving agent that alleviates the joint pain and bowel pain.

This herb is also known to clear excess mucus from the stomach and improve the appetite.  It helps to relieves nausea from sea sickness and can be used to clears away plague and cholesterol from the veins and arteries, stop bleeding and stimulate circulation. Helps to heal cuts.

Digestion – Overall Cayenne is a digestive aid that stimulates the production of the gastric juices that will help ease indigestion. It is a stomachic, helping to digest foods and a carminative helping to expel gas.

Heart and Blood Pressure– Cayenne is believed to help regulate the heart and blood pressure by improving blood circulation and normalizing both high and low blood pressure. It is a cardiac tonic, helping to rebuild the heart.

Headaches– Cayenne trigger the releases endorphins by the brain chemicals that relieve pain and is known to treat cluster headaches.

Metabolism- Cayenne enhances athletic performance, it speed up metabolism fat and may reduce weight given due to high fat diet by increasing the live enzymes and is valuable in treating prostration.


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