Herbal Crescent
Wholistic Living Well ​Centre

Herbal Crescent Wholistic Living Well Centre mission is simple. Inspire, motivate and empower individuals, families and communities by providing access and resources, so that everyone can participate in affordable, organic health services .

Our goal is also simple starting with Simple Solutions, followed by Natural Remedies. Taking it back to the days of our ancestors who knew what to do intuitively.

Welcome to the Crescent

The Crescent first started out in 2010, by our founder Herbalist Nadine. Growing up on the Island of Jamaica,  natural remedies, and simple solutions were the foundation for living.  Using natural medicine and having the resources to do so, was an essential part of growing up for her that it fueled a deep love of nature and all it have to offer.  The love and  passion she has for nature, encouraged and inspired her and she wanted to create a space that would allow the same access and resources  that was available to her.  She was determined to  pay it forward, and at the same time honor her ancestors.  Using her education in Health Promotions (BS), and Public Health (Masters), coupled with her training as Herbalist and her talents and skills the idea of an Herbal Centre that offers simple solutions and natural remedies  was one of the better ideas that was birth in that year. 

Nadine attended school for four years and received training and Certification as a Vitalist and then as a Community Herbalist and Health Educator. As the years went by she has watched Herbal Crescent as it slowly evolved into Herbal Crescent Wholistic Living Well Centre, allowing the vital force to flow as it incorporates the mind, body, spirit, and the elements of the earth.

The Crescent intertwines the love of nature, the love of life and food to help people discover the innate healing power of their body. Through education, encouragement, and recommendations, choosing a healthier lifestyle will change the way our bodies heal and recovers from all diseases.

With the assistance of some adjunct therapy, these are just some aspects of what you can experience with Herbal Crescent WLWC:

  • Herbal Remedies and Simple Solutions
  • A Wholistic approach to wellness through consultations, workshops, and healthy dialogues
  • Renewed connection with nature (mind, body, spirit)
  • Balancing life experiences using an elemental approach with plant life.

Connect with Nature

“Behold, I have given you every seed-bearing plant throughout the earth and all the fruit trees for your food. It is yours for food” (Gen 1:29). As the Crescent allows the vital force to flow and be the guide to the mind, body, and spirit as well as the elements of the earth we are able to provide Simple Solutions, Wholistic Wellness, and Herbal Remedies.

DISCLAIMER: The following information is for educational purpose and should not be construed as medical advice, or as a substitute for diagnosing and treatment by a health care professional. Anyone wishing to use this information should first consult with his/her health care provider before embarking on any therapeutic program. It solely your responsibility to discuss any alternative or natural remedy with your health care provider